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Faith Hemsey is a Chiropractor in Little Falls, NJ that helps manage neuromuscular conditions like back pain, neck pain and sciatica. Chiropractors use a clinical examination, diagnostic imaging and x-rays to diagnose a patient. They also perform procedures including spine or vertebral manipulation and manual adjustments.

In addition to our hands-on adjustive techniques, we utilize Activator Technique and drop pieces on the chiropractic table. Other therapies we offer include Graston Technique, E-stim (sends a low level electrical current through inflamed tissue), Ultrasound and therapeutic exercises to improve range of motion, flexibility and strength.

Dr. Grams started his practice in 2011 and is dedicated to helping people be pain-free and healthy. After watching his grandmother struggle with the side effects of painkillers, he set out to find a natural way to treat his patients and their families. His goal is to provide state of the art chiropractic care with techniques that have been proven effective. We accept many insurances as well as self-pay patients. Call us to learn more or set up an appointment today!

A chiropractor is a medical professional¬†hiropractor Little Falls NJ who manipulates the spine and other joints to treat back and neck pain. They also use massage therapy and exercise to help their patients improve posture and mobility. Unlike most physicians, chiropractors do not prescribe medication and instead rely on the body’s natural ability to heal itself. They can also advise patients on health and wellness issues, such as proper diet and sleep habits.

Chiropractors often work in private practice, where they may own their own business or join an established group of practitioners. They can also be employed in hospitals and other healthcare settings. Some even have their own radiology centers, where they perform X-rays and other diagnostic procedures. In order to be a licensed chiropractor in the United States, you must pass the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners’ test and meet all state requirements, including submitting electronic fingerprints, providing a list of personal references, paying a licensing fee, and meeting yearly continuing education requirements.

During your chiropractic appointment, you may hear popping sounds as the practitioner applies controlled pressure to the areas of your body. It is important to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and remove any jewelry before your treatment begins. If you are uncomfortable with the treatment, tell your chiropractor. They can reduce the intensity of the manipulation and make other adjustments to accommodate your needs.

The primary service provided by a chiropractor is spinal manipulation, which involves applying force to a joint in the body, causing it to move in a different direction than its normal range of motion. This is done to realign the vertebrae and the spine, which can decrease pain and muscle spasms, as well as increase mobility.