When renting out a home for short term rentals miami beach, there are a number of state, county, and city requirements and regulations one must abide by. To begin, the state of Florida requires homeowners to obtain a State DBPR licence for vacation rentals (dwelling or condominium). In addition to this, Miami-Dade County has its own specific short-term rental rules and regulations that must be adhered to. These include attestation of registration with the Florida Department of Revenue for tax purposes, insurance coverage covering liability for injury or harm to transient occupants and guests, and the requirement that the property is located in a permissible transect zone.

The City of Miami also has its own set of regulations to abide by when renting out a property for short-term rentals. Generally, the City has strict zoning requirements that prohibit and limit short-term rentals in certain areas of the city. A map of these restrictions can be found on the City’s website.

Additionally, owners of properties that wish to rent them out on a short-term basis must register their property with the City and pay an annual fee. Once registered, the City will schedule an inspection of the property. The property must meet the minimum safety standards, including working smoke detectors, on all habitable floors of the home and exterior windows and doors with operable fire escapes.

After the property has been inspected, the City will issue a Certificate of Use for the rental. The owner must then display this Certificate in a prominent location on the property. The City will also require that the owner maintain a bookkeeping record of all rentals. If the property is in a Condominium or homeowner association, the Association must also approve of the short-term rental.

In the event of a violation of City of Miami regulations, the property owner will receive a fine. If the violation is serious, the fine may be increased to $20,000. For this reason, it’s important for owners of short-term rentals to abide by all local laws when operating their vacation homes in the City of Miami.