Truck & Trailer Repair Near Me

Daily wear-and-tear, dirt and corrosion take their toll on your trailer brake equipment. Our service technicians will inspect, adjust and lubricate your brake system to reduce costly downtime and accidents caused by unsafe stopping distances. Our services include drum/shoe and cylinder repair or replacement, brake pad or rotor replacement, wheel bearing re-packing or adjustment, and more.

Loading and unloading cargo impacts the strength and durability of your trailer floor. Salt, road grime and weld separation can also deteriorate your trailer’s floor over time. Our service technicians will diagnose and repair any flooring issue – from loose or rotted boards to cracked aluminum or weld separation.

Damage to the suspension of your trailer can affect the overall performance of your load, increasing wear-and-tear on your tires, causing in-cab vibration and instability, as well as serious safety issues or accidents. Our experienced service technicians are trained to evaluate your trailer suspension and will identify the source of any problem by isolating components and tracing lines until they discover the cause.

Reefer trailer repair requires truck and trailer repair near me specialized tools, equipment and expertise to ensure proper repairs. Our service technicians can perform complete maintenance, repair or overhauls on Thermo King or Carrier Transicold refrigerated trailers.

If your heavy truck repair can’t be completed roadside, our ASE Certified Truck Master Technicians will diagnose the problem and provide expert repair at our extensive facility in Queens or Brooklyn NY. We have 29 work bays, a refinishing booth and a skilled workforce who bring deep experience and workplace pride to every job they undertake. We also have the ability to work on larger trucks and trailers in our mobile repair vans for quick drive-up repairs.