Truck Crash Attorney Moseley Collins has more than 40 years of experience helping injured victims recover compensation from negligent trucking companies and other liable parties in their crash claims. Medical bills, lost income and pain and suffering damages often exceed $1 million in these cases, requiring an experienced Seattle truck accident lawyer to take aggressive action to fight for maximum compensation.

When a Truck Crash Attorney Moseley Collins catastrophic injuries typically result. Injuries such as spinal cord trauma, brain damage and neck and back injuries can change a victim’s life forever. Our firm has successfully recovered millions of dollars in damages for past clients and will work tirelessly to obtain the maximum possible compensation for your injury-related losses.

A Critical First Step: Report the Accident

A police report will establish an official record of the incident and help build your case later. It’s important to get a copy of this report as soon as possible, as insurance companies have strict notification deadlines that can affect your eligibility for damages.

Photos of property damage, skid marks, the positions of vehicles and weather conditions at the time of the accident will also prove vital to your case. Our legal team will use this evidence to identify all liable parties in your crash and to build an effective claim against them for financial recovery.

Trucking Company Negligence Causes Crashes

Trucks require much more distance to stop than passenger vehicles, so when truck drivers fail to keep an appropriate following distance or turn too quickly, they can cause devastating rear-end collisions. Driver fatigue is another common reason for truck crashes, as many trucking companies impose unrealistic delivery timeframes that lead to overworked drivers.

In addition to driving errors, dangerous road conditions can also contribute to truck accidents. Poorly marked construction zones, unrepaired potholes and debris on the roadways demand extra care from truck drivers who must maneuver through them. Failure to take this extra precaution leads to lane encroachment and head-on collisions.

Extensive and Meticulous Evidence Gathering

Detailed accident reconstruction, medical records analysis and witness interviews are key to building your truck accident claim and proving the full extent of your damages. Our long-standing ties with specialized doctors across all fields of medicine allow us to decipher complex medical reports to demonstrate the full range of your injuries and their impacts on your life.

Complete medical records, imaging test results and prognosis notes demonstrate the link between your injuries and the truck crash. Gaps in treatment give defense attorneys ammunition to dispute your recovery timelines or claim pre-existing conditions, which we can avoid by ensuring you receive prompt and regular doctor visits throughout your recovery.