Twitch Clip URL is a link that allows you to easily share and embed the video you have recorded with your followers. You can use this link to let others watch your clip on their computers, tablets, and mobile devices. If you are not a streamer you can still use this link to share your clip with friends and other Twitch users.

You can find your Twitch Clip URL from both desktop and mobile apps. To do so via desktop, click the Share icon in the top right corner and select ‘Share to…’. Then click Copy. If you are using mobile, tap the screen while watching a stream to bring up the options. From there, select the clapperboard icon to create your clip. Then adjust the slider to select which section of the video you want to record, up to 1 minute. Add a title and click Publish.

The resulting link will be a short link with a video player that you can copy and paste in your preferred website. You can also download your clip as a video file. The file is named after the date and time it was created. This link will expire after a few days, but you can check the status of your clip in your Clips page.

Where Are My Clips Stored?

Your viewers can make clips while watching your broadcasts, and you can view and manage them in the Creator Dashboard. The dashboard shows all of the clips that have been made, including those from other channels. You can even see the number of views that each clip has received.

If you don’t want to see a particular clip, you can delete it by selecting it and clicking the delete button. You can also report a clip or ban a user from the dashboard.

You can also use dynamic text variables to make your clip links more personalized. For example, you can add the time variable to your clip link so that it will display the current time in your region.

The Twitch Clip API allows you to retrieve clips from a specific game, broadcaster, or channel. The API returns results in descending order of views. You can also specify a start and end date to get a specific range of clips. In addition, the API can return a list of the top ten clips with the most views. The API can return up to 100 results per query.